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you can't disguise hate

hate is hate

White Supremacy reared its ugly head in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Then more of these "freedom" rallies were planned, two of which were to be held in the Bay Area. We set out to spread the word about hate coming to our own backyard.  


Many of these hate groups use euphemistic language to further their agendas. They disguise Nazi rallies and White Nationalist gatherings as "freedom of speech." This is a confusion tactic.


Hate by any other name... is still Hate. 

1. Using social media, raise awareness of hate groups and their misnomers.

2. Provide concrete ways people can help #resist hate through a central site.

You Can't Disguise Hate

You Can't Disguise Hate

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With over 60k impressions, we'd like to think we did our part in keeping hate out of San Francisco, no matter what disguise it wears.   
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