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In order to dispel the myths and promote the use of nuclear energy, our work needed to accomplish two things: 

A series of short videos show people how nuclear energy is already a part of their lives, in the most mundane of ways. This concept can live online across many platforms including Youtube, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  

The videos link back to the website 


The site is a hub for education and discussion. The "nuclear is" platform is open ended and promotes sharing. A page containing negative myths such as, "nuclear is bad for the environment" appears. Upon a click the hexagon will flip revealing the truth with statistics and additional sources and the ability to share what you have learned.


Additionally, the site will help people learn about different nuclear energy organizations, the benefits of nuclear power, policies that affect how it is used in our country and resources for people to get involved in changing those policies. 

1. Raise awareness in a simple and informative way.


2. Provide a platform that unites the many scattered nuclear organizations under one brand and provide them with a voice.

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